The Box–A 200 Word Story

The Box

By Kim Krodel



The lock is tight, but the hinges are rusted.  I look around the dusty attic floor for a possible tool.  The heel of my boot is the best option.  I stamp down and see the metal twist.  Closely, I inspect my work.  Still unbroken.

A faint groan touches my ears, tickles goose bumps across my bare arms.  Must be my stomach growling.  I couldn’t eat much of the sandwich Grandma made me.  Miracle Whip–it’s a miracle anyone likes it.

I strike again and the rusty metal splits, slicing the skin on my ankle.

“Ouch!”  I kick the chest in spite, and the old top pops open.

She is wrapped in rotting lace.  The fine bones of her hands are a calcified pattern, intricate as the woven cloth that crumbles under my touch. 

I can’t stop.  I slide my fingers between the bony digits.  Somehow the cold grip is firm, insistent.

“My niece,” she breaths, her words a solemn gust of winter wind in the stuffy attic.

“Your instrument of revenge, Aunt Adelaide.”  The voice is mine, but hollow.  A weak electric current vibrates through me, pulling my muscles.  I take the knife beside her.


I walk back down.


12 thoughts on “The Box–A 200 Word Story

  1. Andrew says:

    This was fantastic. Was this for a contest or anthology? Regardless, I would read more with this premise. The paragraph “She is wrapped in rotting lace…” was creepy and awesome. Well done.

  2. Diane Carlisle says:

    Eerily spooky! 🙂 Nice job.

  3. frillup says:

    Good and creepy. Love it!

  4. fvd says:

    i like this story because its short and interesting

  5. Creepy!!! Wonder what happened next. This is interesting.

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