I Ran Over Your Dog–A Poem

I ran over your dog.

It was the rat-like thing with the cow spots and the bone-jarring yap, right?

I didn’t mean to.

It just jumped out at me and I feared for my fender.

I tried to swerve

to hit it head on and make it quick

and painless

and less barky.

I’m sorry.

I promise to scoop it up

instead of just leaving it there for the beetles to attend to.

Or someone to step in.

I am a responsible pet-killer.

Let this not be an awkward hurdle

in our occasional, convivial tète-à-tètes.

I still want to be the closest of acquaintances.

I look forward to meeting your new dog!


I offer this in honor of poetry week in my son’s class.  It’s no Jabberwocky, I’ll grant you, but nothing is.  Mind, no dogs were actually killed in the writing of this poem, so stuff your canine-loving hate mail in another inbox.  :0)


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