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The Love Shack by Kim Krodel

Kenny’s fist that clutched the crumpled twenty shook with excitement as he approached the door.  He didn’t know how many ladies there were to choose from in the shack, but he couldn’t wait to look them over with a judicious eye, and finally take his new prize home.


The Dead Have Ruled the Earth for 200 Years

The new book by Noah Mullette-Gillman is out today.  I’ve decided to post the blurb and a teaser for fun.

Two hundred years after  humanity was forced to abandon Earth to the zombie hordes, three humans  descend in great armored battle-suits into a world populated only by the ravenous and rotting undead. They will gun down as many hundreds and  thousands of the monsters as necessary in their fight to retrieve the  most important possession we left behind.

Too bad one of them is an idiot.

The Dead Have Ruled Earth for 200 Years is not a love story. It is not a  work of spiritual mythology. It is bleeding and biting, cutting and  explosions; a written rocket of death and disfigurement, with all  humanity’s future at stake. Get ready for a white-knuckled descent into  the worst of all possible nightmares. Two centuries after the end of the world, it may be the last story of humanity’s battle to survive.

And here’s an excerpt from “The Dead Have Ruled the Earth for 200 Years.”

A howl announced their arrival. The heralding scream continued on and on, longer than most people would have been able to hold the note. As the monster screamed, infected began pouring into the room. Some of them came from the doors above, a few from the portal they had used to come into the entryway. The two groups arrived simultaneously, almost as if they had been choreographed.

A man and a woman stumbled their way forward, attached at their skulls like conjoined babies. She looked to have been in her late forties, and he was perhaps eighteen or nineteen. The side of his head was bleeding near her mouth, almost of if she had been trying to slowly gnaw herself free.

A large Hispanic man burst though the upstairs door. His left arm was completely missing. Black char was visible just above his elbow, suggesting that it had been burned away. He wore a New York Yankees T-shirt.

Behind him was another man. This one’s face was almost entirely covered with scabs. One of his eyes looked shut by the swelling and crusting, the other was only half-open. For some reason, he carried a potted plant, which he held to his chest as if trying to protect it.

The face of another woman was visible just behind him. Her teeth were out. Her eyes were red and the muscles of her face were twisted and contorted with a shaking and furious anger.

Dix readied his walking stick, as another three of the monsters came rushing in from the door on the ground level.

Catherine took out her knife and moved closer to Dix. He suddenly looked very vulnerable and unprotected without a shirt on. All of that pink and perfect flesh was just waiting for one of the infected to bite down upon it.

He crashed the silver handle of his walking stick down across the forehead of a skinny man with long brown hair and a black beard. The thing’s brow burst red and he fell down.

Dix turned and jabbed the end of the stick into the stomach of a woman with filthy blonde hair. One of her front teeth was missing. A tattoo of a bird was half-visible above her torn shirt. Dix turned and hammered his fist into the side of her mouth, and then brought the silver end of the stick down like thunder against her nose and eyes.

Catherine hesitated, watching the monsters storm in from both doors. She adjusted her hold on the knife.

The conjoined couple looked like they might fall over one another on their way down the staircase, but at the last moment the man grabbed ahold of the handrail and righted them.

The scabbed man with the potted plant almost leapt over the pair on his way down. He was looking at Dix. Catherine gritted her teeth and got herself ready.

The first man whom Dix had knocked down began reaching for Dix’s leg. The space-man growled like a dog and put his foot down on the zombie’s head. He then kicked his victim twice in the face, knocking the monster back. As he did so, two more undead raced through and grabbed him by the arms. One of them bared her teeth and began to move her face towards his arm.

Shouting out something like, “Naw,”Catherine jumped up and hit the one on Dix’s right arm with her knife. She didn’t strike hard enough to break through, but she smacked the creature in the side of the head, which knocked it a short distance further away from Dix.

Dix grabbed the one Catherine had hit and threw it at the man on his left, causing them both to fall back, tumbling over each other’s bodies.

By then, the diseased man with the potted plant was upon them.

Without thinking, Catherine grabbed the edge of the pot and cast it to the side, spilling the dirt across the hospital floor, as she jabbed the knife under his ribcage and right into his heart. She retrieved her hand and noted the dark red paint which now covered it. She had been thinking about a special she’d seen in which Aztec priests had used to kill their sacrifices with a single strike under the ribs, but she never imagined she could actually do it herself.

Catherine looked down and saw just a hint of shining metal where her weapon had become enveloped inside of her victim’s body cavity.

She looked up and saw the angry zombie with teeth flashing, only a few inches from her face. The monster was shouting and cursing at her in the meaningless language of the dead.

Without asking her opinion, Catherine’s nails pulled her hands up and wrapped themselves against the monster’s throat. She cracked the woman’s skull on the hard marble tiles.

As she stood again, she watched Dix, now on the landing above, swinging his stick against the faces of the dead above her.

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Zombie Love Boat, Shiny and New

So, it’s been a while since I blogged, because that’s how I roll–tardy.  Oh well.  I was on “vacation” recently so that is my excuse for not blogging in the past week.  Don’t ask about the month or so before that.

Anyhoo, I’m here to post some exciting updates…

1.  My story about killer wasps “It Sticks With You,” recently got accepted into Crooked Cat’s charity antho “Fear” due out some time around All Hallows’ Eve.  Fantastic.  Proceeds go to Doctors Without Borders and Barnardo’s (aiding at-risk children in the UK)

2.  My zombie bacon and longpork, AKA zombie cannibalism, story entitled “The Smokehouse” was chosen for Knightwatch Press’ up-coming anthology.  The book will also contain a modified version of my pulled pork recipe.  You can guess what kind of meat it calls for.  Hope you have a big crock pot. 🙂

This book is sponsored by the Zombie Fiend website.  It’s an active forum for lovers of all things zombie.  If you enjoy discussing weapon choices for the zombie apocalypse, or if you are planting a killer veggie garden for the end times and need a little advise, swing on over.  The folks there would love to have you (for dinner).  Just a little cheesy cannibalism humor, there.  Everything tastes better with cheese.  Sorry.

By the way, this is the one I get a t-shirt for.  Score!

3.  Winter is coming.  So is fall.  Soon the little chicks in my roost will fly off to school and maybe, just maybe, I’ll blog more frequently.

4.  We all know that is a bold-faced lie.

Thanks for stopping in.  Come back real soon, will ya?


Interview with Horror Author Rebecca Besser

This week I interviewed the lovely Rebecca Besser.

Isn’t she cute?  Here’s what she had to say about her inspiration, writing process, and upcoming work…

1.     What would you say was the defining influence (author/book/movie/family member, etc.) that pointed you toward horror?


Experimentation. I force myself to try things I haven’t tried before, or am leery of. When I stared writing a few years ago, I was nervous about writing in first person, so I forced myself to try it only to find out that it wasn’t so bad. After that, I was determined to try various genres – horror seemed to be a good fit for me and it stuck! LOL I still write other things, but not as often.


2.     What was your inspiration for Nurse Blood?


Justin T. Coons’ amazing art! The cover art inspired the story.


3.     What is your gory main character, Sonya Garret’s favorite tool of the organ-harvesting trade and why?


Graphic representation of the live organ harvests

Graphic representation of the live organ harvests (Photo credit: longtrekhome)


She uses a surgical scalpel a couple times to inflict harm in the book, so I’ll have to go with that. When harvesting human parts, nothing comes in as handy as a small, very sharp knife. 😉


4.     I love the polarity of healer vs. killer.  Do you think that your MC is more evil than your average serial killer because she is a person charged with the care of others when they are at their most vulnerable yet she abuses that power?


I don’t know that I would call her evil. I see her as being broken inside… She’s dealt with a lot in life, but she’s still strong and willing to make her own path no matter what other people think of it. What she chooses may not be right, but it’s what she wants it to be. I guess she’s strong with a warped moral compass. LOL


5.     Do you have any inspirational music for your writing?  Any favorite artists to get you in the murderous mood?


Not really. Mostly I prefer silence. I think this is because once I get into a story, I block everything else out. I’m in my zone, so to speak, and very little gets in.


6.     I know you edit as well as write.  Do you find it difficult to step back and forth between the two roles?  Is it tough to refrain from changing an author’s voice while editing, or can you easily distance yourself while editing others’ work?


It’s complicated. I find I have the hardest time editing work by people from other countries. I get accused of ‘Americanizing’ it. Some hate it, while others don’t mind. I do tend to warn them at the beginning though, and I try to only make changes that will strengthen others work. I also try to be somewhat flexible when working with others, because, at the end of the day, it still represents them.


7.     What is your favorite writing project you’ve worked on so far?  Favorite editing project?


My favorite project would probably be Nurse Blood; it was really fun. My favorite editing project would probably be Earth’s End; it was a struggle, but ended well. 🙂


8.     What genres besides horror do you dabble in?  Do common subgenres or themes frequently sneak into your work?


Supernatural. I tend to write about the Devil.


9.     What is in your bug out bag, Rebecca?  How about five must-have survival tools and one luxury item?  Feel free to explain your choices.


Gun, ammo, matches, survival/herb book,   water, and luxury item…hmmm…hair brush!


10.   What new projects/books/stories are you immersed in currently?  Pimp ‘em, sister!


I’m finalizing Nurse Blood and starting on my zombie novel series: The Hunger Plague. I also have a few short stories in the works. 😀

Sounds great!  Thanks so much for taking the time to visit my blog, Rebecca!  I look forward to checking our your work!

You can find Rebecca Besser on Facebook here.  And check out her website @ or her blog: