Hunger Pangs: Dark Confessions

Tales for Your Dining Pleasure…

Seems I am late for dinner, folks.  Apparently this squirm-inducing collection came out in November and I had no idea!  Oh well, I’ll still eat mine cold.

hunger pangs

Hunger Pangs includes my short story “The Smokehouse.”

The collection encompasses the theme of cannibalism in general, with a heavy dose of post-apocalyptic yarns.  It’s a great way to satisfy your end of the world cravings now that the Mayan’s didn’t come through.

Here is the blurb:

“From the ravenous Donner Party expedition to the twisted mind of Albert Fish, and verily even the fictitious Hannibal Lector from Silence of the Lambs to the recent rampage of carnage spawned by the Florida Face Eater, fascination with cannibalism has always been intense. How hungry do you have to be…or how sick to eat another human? You are cordially invited to dine with some of the finest authors in the horror genre as we savor the delights of these tales; dress code is relaxed, bring a friend, regrets only, RSVP not required.”

And here is a short teaser from my survival tale “The Smokehouse.”  For any mothers who ever pondered how far they would go to save their kids, this is a fun read. 🙂

“The shake in her hands caused the rays to bounce and seize against the black-leaf backdrop.  Ellie was suddenly bone-tired.  Was this the way she had come before?  Her wavering light panned over the humus carpet in search of beaten-down growth.  She followed what might have been her previous path with shallow breaths and unshed tears clouding her eyes.

Finally she broke through the clearing.  The moon cast a jaundiced glow as Ellie fanned her light from side to side.  She should be relieved to have made it this far, but her bowels clenched and turned to water.  So far from home, from her babies, and from the comfort of a locked door; the distance grabbed her heart in a frozen fist.  If an infected person had been roaming out here during the day, more could be in the area.

And here she stood; a glowing target on the corner of a vast field.”

Well, happy holidays and 2013, all!  I’m sure I won’t post again before the New Year (not with my track record).  Make sure it’s turkey or ham they’re serving ya, and not humans–the other white meat.