About Kim Krodel

I am mother to three cute kids and wife to one cute husband.  I graduated college with a BSN–that is a degree in Nursing Science–and worked as an RN for seven years until my second rug-rat was born.  I had an undeclared minor in English that I always hoped would translate into me writing books someday.  In 2010, I realized that ‘someday’ was now.  Actually, it might have been years ago.  Darn!  So I decided, finally, to give it a go.  Books don’t just write themselves, unfortunately.

I spend my time stirring a multitude of genre pots.  I have a YA fantasy novel nearly complete (145,000 words) that I have shoved away for at least a year now as I try a taste of every type of writing that seduces me (short stories– horror and speculative fiction, mainly).  I also write racier tales under a pen name and have had a number of them published.  I am editing a short novel at the moment and hope to get it out into the ether soon so I can move on to “the next big thing.”

In short, I am great at stretching myself thin, but loving every second of it.

Anyway, thanks for finding my blog.  Feel free to subscribe for future updates.  At the very least it should be good for an occasional giggle. 🙂


2 thoughts on “About Kim Krodel

  1. poetart says:

    Hi.. glad I found you! Or you me.. 🙂

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