Laziness is my arch enemy

I was just thinking about starting this blog and how I read in a book that new authors need to build their platform.  I consider this part of my platform.  Of course the visual I get when I think of this is The Cat in the Hat balancing on the ball with all of that crap in his hands.  This is one piece of my crap.   I figure I’ll see how many things I can pick up before I come crashing down.

Although it could just be me procrastinating finishing my book.  And not wanting to play hide and seek or ‘the kitty cat game’ (and yes it is as painful as you might imagine, but not nearly as bad as when my oldest wanted to be called “Pupster” for about a year).

No, I’m looking at this as my character building.  If there is a fork in the road and one way  shows a sign that reads “Easy” and the other “Ball Buster” for some reason I always go the harder way.  Usually it involves a better work-out, for one.  Plus it builds character.  An added bonus is that there are less crowds on that road and I am reclusive by nature.

So, anyhoo, laziness and I don’t jive.  So hopefully this self-publishing business is a good fit for me.  The only thing that trumps  laziness IMO is bad oral hygiene, but, really, the two probably go hand in hand.  True that halitosis can be a medical ailment, but green fuzzy teeth are avoidable as long as you have at least one hand.

Okay, that’s all the enlightenment I’ve got for now.  Stay tuned for more pearls in the near or far future.  Whichever.  I make no promises.  And it probably won’t be enlightening either but it may be good for a chuckle.  Maybe.